Carrbridge Village
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Carrbridge is a beauty spot, fragrant with the scent of birch and pine. The arch The Old Bridgeof an older bridge, dating from 1719, still stands above the modern one and is a favourite subject with artists.

Hereabouts, turnpike and railway leave Wade's road far to the left; the latter ( i.e. Wade's road ) crossing the Dulnan at Sluggan, a good 2 miles above Carrbridge.

From here, the military road passes round the south side of Inverlaidnan Hill and so joins the turnpike and railway again in the narrow gorge of Slochd Mor ( the Big Pass ).

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Alexander MacLean, Carpenter.

Alexander Maclean
The (now demolished) joiner shop a little way up the Station Road was where my great grandfather Alexander Maclean had his joinery and funeral business.

His telephone number was Carrbridge 5.

Alexander Maclean built a house in the village owned by my family until a few years ago.